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8 MINUTES AGO: Elon Musk Just Announced A Horrifying Message


Elon Musk’s rocket company, SpaceX, aspires to colonize Mars with humans. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, envisions a trillion people living in space. But, alongside Musk, the CEO of one private space company is taking a different approach to space exploration and hopes to play a role in the search for something unusual on Venus. Musk’s primary focus has always been Mars, but he has recently focused on other planets, particularly Venus. As a result, several probes were sent to investigate the planet with the help of a private space company, and Elon Musk recently revealed what one of the probes discovered on Venus. What did the probe discover? Could there be life on the planet? Join us as we investigate why Elon Musk leaked what the probe discovered on Venus.
If Earth has anything like a twin in the solar system, Venus is it. Venus’s mass is about 0.81 that of Earth’s. Its size is roughly the same. Its radius is 6,052 km; Earth’s is 6,378 km. Because their masses and sizes are so comparable, that means that they have roughly the same density and, thus, the same composition. However, in other ways they couldn’t be more different. Venus has a surface temperature of nearly 482 °C (900 °F), and the pressure of its carbon dioxide atmosphere is 95 times that of Earth’s atmosphere. Its clouds are sulfuric acid and Venus’s surface is an inhospitable wasteland. Much of the interest in Venus is concentrated on how two planets so similar could be so different. For instance, it takes Venus longer to rotate once on its axis than to complete one orbit of the Sun. That’s 243 Earth days to rotate once – the longest rotation of any planet in the Solar System – and only 224.7 Earth days to complete an orbit of the Sun, making a Venusian day longer than its year!

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