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Temenos Infinity Enables 850 Digital Banks Globally


Temenos announced that its digital banking platform Temenos Infinity has passed 850 customers and that it sees tremendous growth as banks turn to packaged banking services for fast time to market.

Banks in the Europe, Middle East and Africa that have gone live with Temenos Infinity include Credem, Wise, Suez Canal Bank, Arab Tunisian Bank, and Virgin Money.

Temenos Infinity is an omnichannel platform providing banks with a 360-degree customer view to help them acquire, service, retain and cross-sell to customers on multiple channels and devices.


The platform offers composable banking services built on microservices and accessible via APIs, a low code development platform, as well as embedded Explainable AI (XAI) technology.

An example of XAI technology is Temenos Smart Banking Advisor, a platform that analyses data and provides recommendations to help SMEs optimise business and financial decisions.

Marc DeCastro

Marc DeCastro

“Temenos Infinity offers banks a rich set of APIs, microservices, and micro apps to provide a true omnichannel experience across multiple lines of business,”

said Marc DeCastro, Research Director, Consumer Banking, IDC.

Max Chuard

Max Chuard

“Temenos Infinity is the world’s best-selling digital banking platform used by over 850 financial institutions, from global tier one banks to digital challengers,”

said Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer, Temenos.

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