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The world rushes to New Delhi! India a credible beacon of hope in these divided times | EP- 75


India is the only country in the world that can bridge the divide in this increasingly hostile world.
Foreign Minister, Russia
We appreciate highly the responsible and worthy of great power stance that India is taking globally on all the key matters of the global agenda.
Spokesperson, US State Department
We are deeply grateful to our Indian partners for the way they have led their G20 today.
Saudi Political Researcher
It (India) shares common values of the west and the common values of the east.
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh
India deserves a much better place at the United Nations and the UN should address the reform dialogue.
Former Prime Minister, United Kingdom
The progress in India in these last years has been remarkable, and extraordinary and I think the position of India now, this is again my views as an outsider is potentially more powerful than it’s ever been.
From assisting the most deprived African countries during the Covid crisis to providing both money and material to economically-collapsing Afghanistan, India has always set aside politics for people.
Sri Lanka, which has been affected by its worst economic crisis in seven decades, was supported with over 3.8 billion USD of packages including credit lines, deferred import payments and currency swaps between the period of January 2022 and July 2022 alone.

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