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Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of July 31 by the Cut

Kate Bush, a Leo.
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On Tuesday night, a full moon in idealistic Aquarius illuminates unseen possibilities, opportunities to change the world. If you’re dissatisfied with the way things are, if your usual moves aren’t cutting it, this moon can light a path forward. You don’t have to keep living as you always have, and know you’re not alone in your desire for something new. This week, you’ll be reminded that we all deserve better, and together, we can fight for it.

Your instincts are solid, and you’ve learned to trust them, trust that your gut feelings and first impressions are often more reliable than any carefully laid plan. This week, though, be deliberate in your choices. Don’t merely t react as opportunities arise; work toward something — something bigger. Contemplating the future is scary, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it entirely. No matter how uncertain life gets, we’ve got to dream that a better world is possible, and to try to make that world real.

Indulging your imagination sometimes feels silly to you. The world around you is filled with beauty and magic. It presents more than enough problems for you to deal with, too, so why would you conjure up more in your head? But this week, your mind might start to wander anyway, as you envision things that don’t yet exist, as you dream up ways you might blow up your life and then rebuild it from the ground up. Out beyond the borders of your routines, anything could happen. You can change it all tomorrow. Don’t worry about being practical just now. Enjoy the sense that you’re on the brink of something wonderful and new.

As frustrating as life can be, and as dissatisfied as you may be in certain areas of it — your living arrangement, your friends, your job — you’ve developed strategies for dealing with it, for thriving in imperfect circumstances. This week, though, remember you don’t always have to contort yourself to fit whatever situation you find yourself in. You can change it or remove yourself from it, instead. If your job makes you miserable, look for another one. If your social life is lackluster, seek out new friends. You have more power than you give yourself credit for, so use it.

You’ve done a lot of work to build your confidence, to reach a point where you genuinely believe that your ideas have value, that you’re appreciated and as deserving of love as anyone else. But sometimes, even now, your faith in yourself wavers. You start picking yourself apart , finding all the ways you don’t think you measure up. But it’s your job this week to ignore that cruel inner voice. Trust that you’ve got skills and experiences and achievements, that you’re moving forward, that you’re enough.

You’re daring and strong and you don’t like when people try to tell you what to do. But even you sometimes catch yourself conforming to the status quo. Other’s expectations exert a powerful pull on you, and it isn’t easy to fight against. This week, though, it’s important to remember that there are more important qualities than politeness or popularity. Try breaking some of the social rules that are needlessly restrictive. It won’t only make you more free, it’ll help those around you, too.

Lately, you’ve been a little lonely. Even though you have good friends you can count on, even though you’re constantly busy, you’ve felt strangely disconnected. You yearn for deeper friendships, stronger community, a real sense of belonging. This week, it’s possible to strengthen your ties; the key is to play an active role. If you wait around for the universe to extend an invitation, or for a social circle to spring up around you, you’ll end up disappointed. But if you reach out to people and do your best to connect, you’ll find the love and support you want.

You’re often embarrassed by your own desire. It seems undignified. You’d rather appear cool and self-contained than admit that you really want something. You’d rather pretend you have no dreams at all than be seen trying (and possibly failing) to achieve them. But this week, taking the opposite strategy will likely have better results. Be loud about what you want, and unashamed about taking steps to obtain it. Lean into them and refuse to settle for less. Don’t minimize your needs, and don’t roll your eyes. This might feel dramatic, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Recently it’s felt as though everyone is trying to make you doubt yourself, your emotions and perceptions. It’s frustrating and destabilizing to be questioned at every turn. Eventually, you no longer trust your judgment. This week, you can build it back again. Like everyone, you make mistakes, read people wrong, blow situations out of proportion. But that doesn’t change the fact that deep down, you know who you are, and know you can trust yourself.

You’re happiest when you’re in motion — out exploring, or making progress toward a goal. But lately, you’ve been stuck. Blocked. You’re waiting for something to change — for an invisible barrier to be removed, for inspiration to strike, for a kindred spirit to come along — but the ideal circumstances never seem to materialize. This week, if the universe doesn’t offer up what you’ve been looking for, you’ll have to go out and find it. By taking action, by going out to meet the world, you create your own magic. You can make things happen.

This week, remember that you don’t have to be “normal.” You don’t have to be anything. You don’t have to think or act or dress exactly like everyone around you. You don’t have to measure your life by other people’s standards. When there’s this much pressure to conform, it can be hard to recognize what your “true” self looks like, or what you really want, so give it some thought and some practice. Make a point of letting yourself disagree where you might otherwise hold your tongue. It feels good to fit in, but hold tight to weird parts of yourself, too.

You live according to your values, and it doesn’t matter whether others always agree. You care about holding onto your integrity and being true to your word, even when it makes your life harder. Just remember that you don’t need to be a martyr. Some choices are by nature painful, but not all have to be. Sometimes meeting our own standards is a challenge, but this week, it’s just as likely to bring you genuine joy.

You’re good at picking up on people’s feelings. You know how to read between the lines, to intuit what others need from you. This is a tremendous gift, but it can be draining. It’s easy for you to let the emotions of those around you become your problem. You feel like you’re responsible for fixing problems that don’t involve you. This week, take a step back. It isn’t your job to make everyone in the world feel better about themselves, only to offer love where you can. In the moment, this probably won’t seem like enough, but trust that over time, it will.

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