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Accountability for Failures, Including My Own, Will Be Addressed After the War

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In a moment of profound national crisis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confronted Israel’s darkest hour on October 7, acknowledging the devastating assault by Hamas that caught the nation off guard. In an unprecedented move, Netanyahu took accountability, declaring that everyone, including himself, must answer for the failures. He stressed that the immediate focus must be on what he termed “a fight for our existence.” Netanyahu revealed imminent plans for a ground incursion into Gaza to obliterate Hamas and recover hostages.

“October 7 marked a nadir in our history,” Netanyahu declared. “We are committed to unraveling the complexities of the events at the southern border and the Gaza-envelope area.” He pledged a comprehensive investigation after the war, ensuring full accountability.

As the guardian of Israel’s destiny, Netanyahu asserted his responsibility for safeguarding the nation’s future. He emphasized the need for unity and unwavering faith in their cause, stating, “I bear the responsibility of leading Israel to a decisive triumph over our adversaries.”

While senior Israeli figures, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, had already accepted responsibility for security lapses, Netanyahu’s address marked the first time he acknowledged shared blame. Notably, he refrained from media interactions since the conflict began.

Netanyahu revealed limited details about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, emphasizing an imminent ground incursion without divulging specifics. He justified this secrecy, citing the need to preserve soldiers’ lives and maintain confidentiality in war strategies known only to a select few in the war cabinet.

The Prime Minister affirmed unanimous agreement within the war cabinet and the IDF chief of staff regarding the incursion’s timing. He clarified the war’s dual objectives: dismantling Hamas and securing the hostages’ release. “Every member of Hamas is now a condemned entity, facing retribution above and below ground,” he declared.

In his resolute speech, Netanyahu mourned the loss of 1,400 lives during the Hamas onslaught and promised commemorative days of mourning. He pledged to rebuild the ravaged southern communities and assist the 200,000 displaced Israelis. He highlighted international collaboration, stating, “World leaders now comprehend that Hamas is synonymous with ISIS. Our battle against Hamas transcends borders, testing the very essence of humanity. It pits the forces of evil against progress and freedom. Light will conquer darkness.”

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