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Reports on release of two US hostages

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Amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Hamas, the governing body of Gaza, announced on Friday the liberation of two American captives, part of a group of nearly 200 individuals seized during the militant group’s attacks in Israel on October 7.

“In response to diplomatic endeavors led by Qatar, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, has released two American nationals, a mother and her daughter, on humanitarian grounds,” proclaimed Hamas in a communiqué disseminated via Telegram.

However, the intricate details surrounding the circumstances and timing of the hostages’ emancipation were not divulged by the Islamist faction.

Contrarily, the Israeli military, earlier that same day, declared that a majority of the captives spirited away to Gaza remained alive. Their statement read, “A substantial number of the hostages endure. Regrettably, there were mortal casualties, their remains transported to the confines of the Gaza Strip.”

Among the abductees, over 20 were juveniles, while a further 10 to 20 captives were aged 60 or above. In addition to those seized, a disconcerting count ranging from 100 to 200 individuals have been reported missing since the onslaught initiated by Hamas.

The events of October 7 marked a grievous chapter in the Israeli narrative—a harrowing assault perpetrated by the Palestinian militant group, purportedly the deadliest in Israel’s annals spanning 75 years. Tragically, the toll of this onslaught amounted to over 1,400 lives, predominantly civilians, as per Israeli authorities.

In riposte, Israel unleashed a relentless barrage, claiming the lives of at least 4,137 individuals residing in the Gaza Strip, primarily non-combatants, as documented by the health ministry overseen by Hamas.

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