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BREAKING: IDF Eliminates UNDERGROUND Hamas Terror Cell W/ “Sponge Bomb”

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On the 39th day of the ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel, I bring you updates from the Israeli front. The confrontation persists, and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are steadily advancing towards their objective of quelling Hamas and liberating the hostages. Winter has cast its influence on the battleground, introducing a new dimension for the Israeli forces operating within the Gaza Strip. The icy season alters the landscape, presenting a unique challenge for tanks, D9s, and other armored vehicles navigating Gaza’s terrain.

While the IDF is well-versed in handling such scenarios, engaging in warfare during winter brings an entirely different set of challenges. Division 401 of the Israeli Army, equipped with the state-of-the-art Israeli-made Merkava 4 tanks, has executed numerous operations in the northern Gaza Strip and the El Shatti region. In the course of these operations, tank units uncovered a Hamas command station, yielding crucial intelligence that unveiled the whereabouts of multiple Hamas sites.

Following targeted strikes on these locations, militants sought refuge in underground tunnels. The IDF successfully identified the tunnel entrances and neutralized the terrorists, obliterating the entry points and collapsing the tunnels upon the occupants. In another zone within the Gaza Strip named She Radwan, an IDF drone pinpointed a Hamas position within a communications center. A coordinated assault involving the Air Force, tanks, and special forces exposed an underground terror complex, with an entry point plunging 20 meters deep.

This Hamas facility, concealed within a communications center, harbored multiple terrorists engaged in combat against the IDF, employing RPGs and various weaponry. While tanks bombarded the location, a covert IDF unit infiltrated the complex, neutralizing the terrorists. A noteworthy innovation, the IDF’s sponge bomb, was utilized to block the tunnels effectively. This device widens inside the tunnel, obstructing the entire entry point.

Throughout this conflict, the IDF continually evolves its strategies to counter the threat posed by underground tunnel systems. It is a dynamic process of self-invention on a daily basis. On the northern front, the IDF launches extensive attacks, targeting approximately 1,300 Kisala locations. The intensity of the northern front suggests a escalation in the days to come. I appeal to all to stand in solidarity with Israel through prayer. The battle is protracted, and your support in prayer and public opinion is crucial. Share this information with friends, congressmen, and representatives, and, above all, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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