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George Galloway Fired From talk RADIO After ‘Anti-Semitic’ Tweet | Good Morning Britain

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George Galloway joins us now Taunton fan Lord Sugar is amongst those who’ve spoken out against the former Labour MP calling him a racist and a piece of trash and he joins us live from his home in Essex this morning George if you had just stopped before making mention of the Israel flag it would have been alright why did you have to put that in it’s like being lectured by the Hunchback of Notre Dame no Lord Sugar sitting there in his his expansive drawing room this man who tweeted the most outrageous racist trash at the time of the World Cup about the Senegal football team to answer your question directly I call out the Israel flag every time I see it whether Tommy Robinson the EDL are carrying it or the loyalists in East Belfast or the football fans Rangers or a Tottenham Hotspur because it is an Israel flag but why do you call it out why do I call it out because it’s the flag of apartheid I have spent 45 years fighting for the Palestinian people so if you feel like me and millions do I assure you including many watching this morning you have to call it out but you are say no George George you also know that Tottenham Hotspur has famously a very large Jewish following they many of the fans will show an Israeli flag from time to time they’re very proud of it they’re very proud of their Jewish heritage and there’s no doubt that when you first see that tweet that you do as Tottenham Hotspur rightly set as Lord Sugar and other prominent Jews in this country have said it just looked blatantly anti-semitic what’s Israel got to do with Judaism many Jews in Britain and in the world are completely against and many and many are not well and many are not and you tell them against I’m against Israel to your point now arguing about this Piers you know my position I know yours I’m against is fine with I had for choosing a moment of a football match which I’ve just been watching all these Israel flags being right but the implication the implication whether you like it or not was that – the Jewish following of Tottenham Hotspurs implications they took is that you were choosing that moment to gloat that actually a Jewish supportive Football Club had failed to win the Champions League you know that no I don’t know it it’s false this is not Alice in Wonderland where you get to choose what words mean whenever you like the words are the word you’ve been fired for those words well look I hadn’t been paid for more than two months and my producer got sacked on Friday night before there sure so there’s much more to this than you know but you will know all of it ever since Ofcom found against my show some months ago on the scrip affair and on the jeremy corbyn affair two counts the show’s been in special measures but i don’t want to dwell many people see the d legitimization of the israeli state as anti-semitic that your issue is it’s with jewish they play and they always play it who said that to me Shulamit Aloni a cabinet minister in an israeli government over dinner in her house in tel aviv the israeli government the israeli leader but why an issue prostrated at really brand anyone who supports the palestinians as an anti-semite she told me it’s a trick we play now they’ve done it to jeremy corbyn they’ve done it to Bernie Sanders to Chris Williams analyst but it doesn’t wash much I’m a Georgia here’s what doesn’t wash either no I’ve known you a long time and I like you personally I respect you in many ways right on this as an __ ] fan I got no truck with top and fans whatsoever except this also has a large Jewish following to right were to North London teams said in areas with lots of Jewish people living them right I was offended on behalf of Tottenham fans I was because actually there was no need for you to make a political point about Israel take about a football match look like you would we think you weren’t delighted that toponym had lost because they play badly or you’re an __ ] fan he would delighted they lost because of their connections to Jewish people and to Israel that is in Wonderland you are inferring things that aren’t there and black and white things you know they’re not the ones in black enjoy putting a black and white black and white Israel flags that’s nothing why did you need Jewish why did you meet somebody I have been watching those Israel flags being waved or if you are watching hundred million so his might want to you George you were watching Jewish fans they won’t Joe do you know the word Jewish Tommy Robinson isn’t Jewish see when he walks down the road you think the people that were waving Jewish he almost certainly weren’t Jewish so you don’t certainly one Jew you don’t know who they little flag you don’t know who they were I just know what the flag is I would argue it is a highly right I would argue it is highly likely that the people that were putting up Israel flags in the toplin crowd were probably Jewish right and therefore your eyes in the face of evidence well you don’t know Lord Finkelstein on this very subject he sees that the great majority of people singing what they sing shouting what they show weaving what they weave I’m not Jewish but I don’t care if they’re Jewish or not Jewish it’s the flag I’m against no and I’m against it because it flutters over the Gaza fence when little children are being murdered every Friday right by sniper right and that’s why I’m against and they would say what about all the rockets that get fired by Hamas the other way what do you say to that because they were killing those joy and before humming youths ever exist you have a position been killed it’s 1942 you have a famous position yes right everybody knows your position yeah it is completely one-sided that’s entirely your right yeah what I don’t think is your right and is to put a hashtag like that on a night the Tottenham lose a game which if you’re a Jewish fan of Tottenham you take as a personal insult with an anti-semitic map take a look at my twitter line and you’ll see a significant number of Jewish people absolutely supporting and I’ve seen a significant number of Jewish people enraged yes most of what they say at a time in this country Jorge attacks I’ll show you my scars right don’t talk to me about attacks Muslims are attacked in Britain 10 20 times more than Jewish people don’t talk to me about attacks I can show you my scars literally anti-semitism doesn’t make anti-muslim ism anti black ISM anti-regime are foul evil poison all and the differences I stand against all of it all right and we go love it all right George thank you we’re gonna go to the Lord Sugar now Lord Sugar former chair and a Spurs you have brought up in a Jewish family you’ve heard what George Galloway has to say what do you say about this well he’s talking a load of garbage as usual first of all piers you’ve been to tottenham with me when I’ve invited you there with with your dad I was at the Champions League game this week I walked with 1500 Tottenham fans and and Liverpool fans from where they dropped me off because we couldn’t get the car straight up to the thing I did not see and I have never seen an Israeli flag flown there was no Israeli flags with the fans the fans said they’re bloom white stuff they had all that never seen an Israeli flag flown so he’s a bloody liar a total liar hanging on the Israeli flags being out of Google complete just good luck and you’ll see hundreds of them all right let me shut your mouth just shut your mouth let me ask you this shut your mouth for a minute me ask you this let me ask you this on the assumption that Israel flags have occasionally been flown in Totten crowds right let’s assume that for a moment would you find what George Galloway said about Israel as a state and his flag why is that anti-semitic to you well first of all Pierce what his opinion is on Israel which is a separate country to England and Palestine that’s his opinion is entitled to it okay the fact that he put it in a tweet associated with the Champions League game was for one reason and one reason only he’s an anti-semite as simple as that everybody knows as you’ve quite rightly stated that we have a great following of Jewish fans just like Arsenal do cuz were in North London okay so it was absolutely designed to show that he’s an anti-semite because what is Israel got to do with the Champions League game what does Israel got to do with and Palestine problem got to do with a game of football between us and Liverpool it was absolutely designed to mean what it does and what everybody else has interpreted it to be he’s an absolute Vemma non anti-semite bottom line end of story and that’s why we’re all so upset about it he said and he has a point that you yourself tweeted something that many people took to his was a joke as you put it but many people took it as racially insensitive and bordering on racist what do you say to that yeah I mean I remember that occasion last year it was a terrible mistake it was meant as a joke a bit like you know it was meant as a joke we’ve spoken about it before I apologized immediately and I’d like him now to have the guts alive on television to apologize to the Jewish fans of Tottenham Hotspur or in fact the Jewish fans of Arsenal or anywhere the Jewish fans of Liverpool also for making that inappropriate remark well let me choose let me put it this way – he didn’t by the way apologized for it immediately he defended resolutely well it’s not true but it took days he actually responded within hours and he did apologize right the point being this this reverses situation for a moment right let’s say that there was an Arab football team and they’d gone to the Champions League final right hmm and when they lost Lord Sugar had tweeted at least we won’t see any Palestine flags flying right on the cup hmm you would have been outraged oh yes you were why pretend otherwise you would have said that was a Jewish attack listen on the air okay team Celtic got heavily fined because a significant section of the park the Celtic crowd with Palestinian Flags if Island sugar had said if Celtic in the unlikely event had lost a cup final there’ll be no Palestinian flags on the cup that would have been an attack on the Palestinian political entity and its flag and that would have been his right and he might have done it you

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