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Hamas bus stop attack: 3 dead as ceasefire deal extends

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In an unfortunate turn of events this morning in Jerusalem, a distressing Hamas terror attack unfolded in the heart of the capital. At approximately 7:40 a.m., two terrorists disembarked from a vehicle on Vitamin Street near the main entrance to the Capitol, opening fire on individuals waiting at a bus stop. This ruthless act claimed the lives of three people and left 16 others injured.

Promptly responding to the attack, off-duty soldiers and an armed civilian in the vicinity engaged the assailants in gunfire, successfully neutralizing the threat. The Israel Security Agency confirmed the attackers’ affiliation with Hamas, revealing they had previously served time for terrorist activities.

The government’s stance is unequivocal: until Hamas ceases its hostage releases, the current pause will persist. The government remains resolute in pursuing three primary objectives: dismantling Hamas in response to the October 7th Massacre, securing the release of all hostages through unrelenting military pressure on their captors, and ensuring the Gaza Strip cannot pose a threat to Israel again.

Government officials emphasize unity behind these goals, ready to resume their campaign against Hamas once the specified conditions are met. Questions from the media were welcomed at this point.

Addressing concerns about returning soldier hostages, Israel is committed to bringing everyone back safely. Prioritization within the negotiated framework presently favors the release of women and children. The unfortunate necessity of this triage reflects the grim reality created by Hamas’ actions. The government assures that efforts will persist until all hostages, irrespective of age or gender, are safely returned.

A reporter from Korea inquired about civilian safety in Gaza as the offensive resumes. The response highlighted Hamas’ deliberate strategy of embedding itself in civilian areas, exploiting homes, hospitals, and schools for military purposes. Israel remains committed to minimizing civilian harm, designating humanitarian safe zones and collaborating with international agencies for aid distribution.

As the offensive continues, Israel welcomes international agencies providing shelters for Gazan civilians, further emphasizing their commitment to keeping civilians safe. The government reiterates that the war was thrust upon them by Hamas, emphasizing the challenging conditions they face in battling an enemy embedded in densely populated areas.

The update concludes with information on the tragic shooting incident in Jerusalem earlier that day, where two gunmen targeted a crowded bus station, resulting in three casualties and six injuries. Both assailants were neutralized. The ceasefire, initially extended for a day, reflects the complex situation Israel faces, with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visiting the region.

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