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Israel Calls for Action After Reports of Journalists Allegedly Joining Hamas Attack

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In a recent exposé unveiled by HonestReporting, prominent journalists affiliated with major news outlets such as The New York Times, AP, Reuters, and CNN were discovered collaborating with Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip on October 7, documenting the appalling events with their cameras. This revelation has stirred profound ethical dilemmas, questioning the photographers’ foreknowledge of the impending massacre and their rapid deployment to the scene. It raises inquiries: Were they privy to Hamas’s sinister plans? Did Hamas grant them permission to be present? Were these reporters sanctioned to enter Israel alongside the terrorists? Did they duly inform their editors about their involvement in these attacks against Israelis?

The investigation details the photographers capturing up-close images of civilian and military abductions, a tank assault, and the lynching of an IDF soldier. Notably, a freelance journalist from CNN broadcasted visuals of a burning tank, accompanying the terrorists into Gaza.

In response to the allegations, AP spokesperson Nicole Meyer stated unequivocally, “AP had no prior knowledge of the October 7 attack. Our role is to capture news and images from global events, regardless of their grim nature. We source photos from freelancers worldwide, including Gaza.”

The Jerusalem Press Club expressed profound concern, highlighting the potential complicity of news agencies and networks. Their statement emphasized the pressing need for a thorough investigation, focusing not only on those present but also on the executives of these networks. The critical question posed was whether these entities were aware of Hamas’s intentions yet tacitly approved. They urged for transparency, demanding prompt publication of the findings, mirroring the speed at which the initial reports and gruesome imagery spread.

The National Public Diplomacy Directorate in the Prime Minister’s Office condemned the journalists’ actions, branding them as accomplices in heinous crimes against humanity. Their swift response included urgent inquiries to media organizations employing these photographers, demanding immediate action.

Communications Minister Dr. Shlomo Karhi urged a decisive response from individuals, journalists, institutions, unions, and organizations worldwide. He stressed the urgency of choosing between standing on the side of life and virtue or aligning with depraved terrorism, inhumanity, and malevolence.

In a separate statement, international news organization Reuters vehemently denied any prior knowledge of the October 7 Hamas attack on Israeli civilians and soldiers. They refuted claims of embedding journalists with Hamas, clarifying that photographs published were sourced from Gaza-based freelance photographers who were present at the border after the attack occurred

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