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Israel-Hamas War: IDF UNCOVERS EVIDENCE of Hamas Using Al-Shifa Hospital For Hostages

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On the 44th day of the ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel, I, Pinto, bring you the latest report from Israel. Today, the IDF has unveiled surveillance footage obtained from the Shifa Medical Center. The footage unequivocally reveals that on October 7th, Hamas militants, in a bold move, ushered in hostages from Israel through the front entrance of the Shifa Medical Center. Astonishingly, they did not resort to clandestine underground tunnels or back doors, but brazenly entered through the front, exposing their actions for all hospital staff to witness.

Since the initiation of this military operation, the leadership of Hamas, in collaboration with UNRA and the authorities at the Shifa Medical Center, vehemently denied the existence of any terrorist activities beneath or within the Shifa complex. However, the recently uncovered footage shatters these claims, laying bare the falsehoods propagated by Hamas. Their deceitful narrative, aimed at obstructing Israel’s mission and invoking international pressure on the IDF to cease operations against Hamas in Gaza, has been unmasked.

Throughout this conflict, Hamas has consistently misled the international community, urging global intervention against Israel and the IDF. Their appeals were grounded in the purported humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Yet, beyond deceiving the world, Hamas has also deceived the Palestinian populace, effectively holding them hostage within the Gaza Strip.

In this critical juncture, we implore your assistance in disseminating the truth and revealing the true nature of this malevolent entity known as Hamas. On October 7th, they perpetrated heinous acts, claiming the lives of over 1,400 Israelis and abducting 240 individuals, with 238 still unaccounted for, concealed within some subterranean passageway beneath a hospital, mosque, or another civilian structure in Gaza.

My fellow soldiers and I remain resolute in our determination to unearth and eradicate this evil called Hamas, irrespective of where it attempts to conceal itself. We will persist until we locate our brethren and sistren, currently held captive somewhere in the Gaza Strip. However, we cannot undertake this endeavor in isolation; we seek your collaboration in disseminating the truth through sharing videos like this one and engaging with your representatives. It is crucial for Israel to receive the international support necessary to fulfill its mission. Above all, we beseech you to join us in fervent prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.

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