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Israel-Hamas War: THE TRUTH About the Two Fronts of Israel’s War Against Terror

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In the ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel, presently marking its 37th day, I am Yir Pinto reporting from Israel. I wish to delve into the concept of veracity within this war, as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) grapple with a dual front: one against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip and another against Kisala in the northern regions. The former, a military front, witnesses the IDF making gradual strides, acquiring more territory, and neutralizing numerous Hamas positions.

On the secondary front, which is no less pivotal than the first, the IDF faces a different battle—the battle for public opinion and truth. Across the Western World, Europe, and the United States, rallies opposing Israel are gaining momentum. Calls persist for Israel to halt its operations against Hamas, despite not achieving a conclusive victory and the ongoing captivity of our hostages.

Reports emanating from the Gaza Strip allege that the IDF is targeting hospitals with civilian populations. This assertion couldn’t be further from reality. Regrettably, I find myself compelled to shed light on the situation. Hamas has seized control of entire hospitals, commandeering essential resources such as fuel and medicine, leaving civilians without adequate treatment. Recently, I had to mend a fracture in a five-year-old boy without the necessary tools, as Hamas had taken them for themselves.

The IDF consistently urges civilians to evacuate areas earmarked for attack, a plea particularly vocal in the northern Gaza Strip. Recommendations include relocating to open spaces in Western Kanun, with the promise of international humanitarian aid if required. The IDF invests manpower and war efforts to establish secure corridors for Gazan civilians. However, what Hamas conveniently omits is that its own fighters prevent, sometimes violently, the evacuation of civilians from these areas. Hamas exploits the power of public opinion and the global misinformation narrative, strategically using civilians as human shields.

I implore all to pray for truth to prevail in this region, for the reality in the Gaza Strip to reach every corner of the globe. The IDF Chief of Staff recently soared above the Gaza Strip, conveying a message of solidarity to all forces combatting Hamas. The message emphasized the commendable job they are doing and urged them to march united towards victory. I call upon everyone to stand with the IDF and Israel, joining forces in the collective endeavor to triumph over the menace named Hamas here in Israel, thwarting its reach beyond our borders.

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