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Israeli Forces Raid Hamas Center in Gaza’s Largest Hospital | CBN News Update

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In this CBN News Update on November 15, 2023, we cover a significant development as Israeli Defense Forces launch a strategic raid on a Hamas terrorist center located within Gaza’s largest hospital. The operation comes in response to confirmed reports from the United States about Hamas utilizing hospitals for its terrorist activities, further supporting Israel’s actions.

The video includes on-the-ground reporting by CBN East Correspondent Julie Stahl in Jerusalem, detailing the complexities of the operation and the IDF’s efforts to protect civilians while advancing their mission to defeat Hamas. Smoke rises over the Gaza Strip as fighting continues, and the IDF emphasizes its commitment to minimizing harm to Palestinian civilians being used by Hamas as human shields.

The coverage extends to the March for Israel in Washington, D.C., where nearly 300,000 people from diverse backgrounds gather to express solidarity with the Jewish state and condemn antisemitism. Additionally, the report sheds light on Iran’s growing influence in the Western Hemisphere and its connection to the ongoing conflict.

The video explores the IDF’s progress in northern Gaza, with insights from CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell. It delves into the intricate hostage situation involving Hamas, with discussions on potential breakthroughs and the delicate negotiations taking place.

Furthermore, the update touches on the geopolitical consequences, such as the recall of ambassadors by four Latin American nations in response to Israel’s actions in Gaza. The impact of Iran’s expanding dominance in the region is highlighted, including its influence on local governments and the recent foiling of a terrorist plot in Brazil.

The coverage concludes with a focus on China’s nuclear arsenal expansion, raising concerns globally. The Pentagon’s report indicates a significant increase in risky behavior by the People’s Republic of China in the air, prompting the need for potential new arms treaties or increased transparency.

Stay informed with this comprehensive CBN News Update, providing in-depth analysis and on-the-ground reporting on the critical events shaping the geopolitical landscape on November 15, 2023.

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