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Scenes from a pro-Palestine hardcore show in Bed-Stuy

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More than 700 punks and activists turned out for a pro-Palestine hardcore show in Bed-Stuy’s Herbert Von King Park to call for a ceasefire in Gaza Sunday. Watermelon, a symbol of Palestinian resistance, was readily available at one free table, while posters calling for de-colonization were on display at the merch table under a banner that read: “No more war machine.”

People made signs on the spot on pieces of donated cardboard, stuffed dollar bills into the donation jar for the Palestinian Youth Movement, tied keffiyehs around their head and wore Palestinian flag buttons as they waited for the four hardcore bands to start playing.

Free watermelon (Stephanie Keith)

“We are calling not only for a ceasefire but also for an end to the occupation,” said Sema, a woman of Palestinian and Syrian descent, who organized the event. Her band Pure Terror was to be the day’s headliner.

“We are an all-Arab band, and my music is about anti-imperialism, but we also quote Syrian and Palestinian poetry and sing in both Arabic and English,” said Sema (most of the young people interviewed for this article did not wish to provide last names for fear of reprisals for supporting Palestinian causes). “I organized this event because we need hope in my community and to get people engaged in the movement for Palestinian liberation.”

The Cross performs (Stephanie Keith)

Local punk bands without significant ties to the Palestinian community also turned up in solidarity. “I’m all about supporting Palestine,” said a local man named Ben, whose band Cross played first.

In between sets, speakers from The Palestinian Youth Movement and Jewish Voice for Peace addressed the crowd.

“I’m here to say that the urgency of the moment demands the urgency of our actions. We cannot allow for a moment for our momentum in the belly of the beast to falter,” said Kasim, from the Palestinian Youth Movement. When his speech called for liberation for the Palestinian people, a huge cheer erupted from the crowd.

The band No Knock performs (Stephanie Keith)

A student named Noor decried the censorship that she and others have been feeling in the academic setting.

“Don’t ever let anyone make you feel wrong or less than or small because of your calls for freedom and justice,” she told the crowd. “We don’t want to take away from any other group … We think all people can thrive.”

Moshing for peace (Stephanie Keith)

After she spoke, Pure Terror hit the stage and unleashed their song “Rebel, Rebel,” sung in Arabic. To the booming chants of “thawra,” or “revolution,” people descended into the mosh pit to dance for Palestinian liberation.

Here are a few more scenes from the day.

Moshing (Stephanie Keith)

Photo by Stephanie Keith

Photo by Stephanie Keith

Photo by Stephanie Keith

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