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In the era of digital media and interconnected interfaces, the term “distance” undergoes a transformation. Events occurring in a remote corner of the world traverse swiftly, disseminating globally. A call to action initiated in one city possesses the potential to burgeon into a worldwide movement within mere hours. Regrettably, the propagation of hateful incitement mirrors this rapidity, where a single individual can advocate harm towards someone or a group, causing individuals on the opposite side of the planet to feel endangered, harassed, injured, or even facing fatal outcomes.

Words and calls to action in the online realm bear tangible consequences. Information traverses swiftly, but disinformation eclipses it in speed. The utilization of psychological warfare by Hamas persists unabated. The organization’s avowed mission to annihilate all Jews extends beyond the borders of Israel. Every innocent individual targeted in the name of Hamas becomes a victim of terrorism. The peril posed by Hamas transcends geographical boundaries; it is a threat to individuals worldwide. Our collective commitment remains steadfast: we will halt their actions.

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