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‘Hamas decided to terminate the pause,’ Israel says as Gaza combat resumes

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In the aftermath of a 7-day hostage release pause, Hamas violated the agreed framework by failing to provide a list of additional hostages for release. The Gaza-based Hamas Army of Terror launched rocket fire at Israeli communities at 5:43 a.m., intensifying throughout the morning. Unfortunately, Hamas chose to terminate the pause by not releasing all kidnapped women and children, as mandated. This decision led to a resumption of rocket fire.

In response to the October 7th Massacre, the IDF has been sending evacuation messages to the people of Gaza, urging them to vacate specific areas used by Hamas for terrorist activities. The IDF has published an evacuation zone map on its website, guiding uninvolved civilians away from areas of Hamas Terror activity for their safety. Hamas’ continued threats echo the grim events of October 7th, prompting heightened precautions. The IDF emphasizes its commitment to protecting civilians while addressing legitimate military targets associated with terrorist activities.

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