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Hamas is accused of using suicide bombers, according to an IDF soldier.

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In the ongoing IDF operations within the confines of the Gaza Strip, Hamas insurgents persist in employing unconventional warfare techniques, as reported recently by Maariv.

A deployed infantryman who experienced service in Gaza conveyed to the publication on Tuesday that Hamas is resorting to the use of suicide bombers. “For those not within the theater, comprehending the nature of our engagement is a formidable task,” the soldier asserted. “Intense combat unfolds in densely populated terrain, and the unpredictable nature of a Hamas ‘surprise’ adds another layer of complexity as we concurrently attempt to pinpoint the whereabouts of hostages.”

Terrorist Ambush at Tunnel Entrance

The IDF successfully identified and exposed a clandestine Hamas terrorist ambush at the entrance of a tunnel shaft. The insurgents employed dolls and children’s backpacks strategically, aiming to entice soldiers into the trap with the hope of discovering hostages, as disclosed by the Israeli military on Friday.

These articles, containing embedded speakers emitting distressing sounds, were strategically positioned in proximity to a tunnel shaft linking to an extensive network beneath a school and a medical facility in the Gaza Strip, according to the military’s statement.

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