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How to flock a real Christmas tree with spray snow – New York Daily News

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Step-by-step guide to flocking your Christmas tree

The quintessential view of Christmas morning is one in which the family is gathered, opening presents around a snow-kissed tree. However, few people know that you can make this dream a reality.

A little-known process called “flocking” can make your Christmas tree look like a scene out of your favorite Christmas movie. This means that flocking your tree can make it look like it’s just been powdered by a fresh sprinkling of snow.

What equipment do you need for flocking a Christmas tree?

The good news is that almost any tree can be given a snow-kissed glow by flocking. However, to kick off, you need to know what you need and get familiar with the steps before you are confident enough to get going.

To flock a tree, the first thing you’re going to need is a tree. Using a natural tree is best for this process. It’s not advisable to use a fiber optic or self-lighting tree, as flocking could cause excessive heat build-up or even an electrical fire.

Next, you are going to need snow flocking and a sieve. Finally, you’re going to need a spray bottle and a hose with a mist spray setting so you can flock effectively. It’s also advisable to use a step ladder so you can flock the tree vertically, just like it would happen naturally.

Steps for flocking a real Christmas tree with spray snow

Set up the tree

The first thing you need to do is prepare the tree. Make sure your real Christmas tree is properly secured onto a base. Once the tree is upright and stable, you need to take it outside as you don’t want to get your home covered in artificial snow. If you have a deck outside, sit the tree next to it so you can get above it later on in the process. Alternatively, prepare a step ladder with a partner to make sure you are safe.

Check the weather conditions

It’s also wise to check the weather conditions before getting going. You want to avoid windy or rainy conditions while being mindful that the process could take anywhere from half an hour to 2 full hours, depending on the size of your tree.

Water and flock the tree

Once your tree is outside and set up, you’re going to spray the entire tree with water. This spray should be light and sprayed consistently up and down and also around the tree. This will ensure that the snow flock stays on the tree when it’s ready to be applied.

Next, get the snow flock ready. You should get a large lunch box or dish and put all your snow flocking in it. After that, get up on your ladder and, using the sieve, shake out the snow top-down and workaround. Using your other hand, make sure that you spray water out simultaneously. This will ensure that the tree looks lightly dusted with snow, just like it would on Christmas morning.

Hose the tree down

Now that the tree is flocked, it’s essential to hose or spray down the tree. This can be done with either a hosepipe on a low mist function or with a spray bottle. Starting from the top and working down and around, lightly mist the tree, making sure not to spray the flock off.

What you need to buy for flocking a real Christmas tree

SnoFlock Original Premium Self-Adhesive Snow Flock Powder ]

This particular brand of snow flock will give your tree the light, brisk snow-kissed look you desire. What’s more, the thickness and breakability of the flock will allow you to put the flock in a sieve and evenly distribute it around the tree.

Cuisinart Set of Three Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers ]

This set of three strainers will allow you to spread your flock consistently across wider and narrower sections of the tree. Moreover, you can use it for cooking throughout the rest of the year.

Komax Extra Large Food Storage Bins with Lids ]

This large container will allow you to load your flock so that you can hand-hold it while using the sieve to distribute it around the tree.

Rubbermaid RMS-3T Three-Step Steel Step Stool ]

This step ladder is great for getting up and around the tree to spread your flock. It reaches high enough to stand over the top of your tree with a handy tray for holding your spray bottle or storage container while you work.

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