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IDF Penetrates Heart of Southern Gaza

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In a strategic advancement, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) successfully breached the core of Khan Yunis, situated as the pivotal stronghold of Hamas in southern Gaza. While the penetration was accomplished on Monday, the official announcement was deferred until Tuesday. The IDF orchestrated a series of maneuvers to infiltrate Khan Younis, launching a simultaneous invasion from the east to compel Hamas to engage on multiple fronts.

A formidable coalition, incorporating multiple brigades, including those from Division 162, spearheaded the assault to gain control over Hamas’s central city in southern Gaza. The air force collaborated with ground forces, intensifying attacks to neutralize Hamas’s command and control infrastructure within Khan Yunis.

Concurrently, the IDF executed a substantial incursion into Shejaia, identified as Hamas’s primary remaining stronghold in northern Gaza. This operation, synchronized with the assault on Khan Yunis, involved a robust force, including Divisions 162 and 36. Deliberately delaying the elimination of the head of Hamas’s Shejaia battalion, the IDF aimed to amplify the shock and disarray among Shejaia’s Hamas forces just before a full-scale invasion.

In Shejaia, the IDF deployed sizable infantry units alongside extensive airstrikes, successfully dismantling key positions and command centers. Additionally, the IDF targeted sections of Jabalia and Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, areas that were not entirely cleared but were already more under IDF control compared to Shejaia, which had recently become the focus of attack.

The IDF escalated its offensive against Hamas in central Gaza, intensifying actions initiated in preceding days. Sunday marked a significant blow for Hamas, with several hundred terrorists eliminated, constituting one of the deadliest days for Hamas’s forces. The cumulative toll on Hamas forces reached approximately 6,000 dead, with thousands wounded. Estimates suggest that Hamas retains around 20,000 potential fighters from its original 30,000, as the IDF maintained pressure on the organization.

While the IDF disclosed less information about the estimated 10,000 Islamic Jihad forces, numerous accounts detailed specific operations against this terror group alongside Hamas. Maj. Gen. Yaron Finkleman, Chief of IDF Southern Command, emphasized the intensity of the situation, stating, “We are in the heart of Jabalia, the heart of Shejaia, and as of last night, the heart of Khan Younis. We are in the most intense day since the start of the invasion – in terms of the number of killed terrorists, the number of battles, and the volume of fire brought to bear by ground and air forces. We intend to continue to attack and to deepen our achievements.”

Recognizing the risk to civilians, residents of Khan Yunis were directed to evacuate southward to Rafah and towards a secure area west of Khan Yunis.

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