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Intense fighting and the heavy price – Hebrew Newspaper – Day 79

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Good day and Shalom. As the morning of December 24th unfolds, Israel experiences a shift in weather, marked by cold and rain—a sign that winter has finally descended upon the region. Simultaneously, it is the 79th day of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Regrettably, recent news reports highlight the loss of eight soldiers during the weekend, with seven casualties in Gaza and one on the northern border. The intensity of the confrontations underscores the complexity of battling an adversary entrenched in tunnel networks, deploying explosive devices, and utilizing anti-tank missiles. Despite these challenges, the IDF maintains its advantageous position.

The primary article delves into the protracted nature of the conflict, projecting towards another month of ground warfare. The IDF’s progress is anticipated to decelerate, attributed partly to on-the-ground learning amid the ongoing hostilities. The resilience of Hamas, evident in their use of sharpshooters and camouflage traps, contributes to the enduring toll of this war.

The geographical and sporadic nature of the incidents over the weekend is emphasized, revealing the diverse challenges faced by the IDF. Top military officials acknowledge the time-intensive nature of the conflict, reiterating the commitment to achieving strategic objectives despite the heavy toll.

Turning to a somber note, a subsequent page memorializes the eight soldiers who fell in battle. Each face tells a story, from Tala, aged 31, to Alexander Spitz, aged 41, and others, each leaving behind a poignant legacy. The collective grief echoes through the pages, a stark reminder of the sacrifices made.

The coverage extends beyond the immediate conflict, touching on the maritime concerns in the Red Sea. The article notes the perceived insecurity of ships, attributing it not only to Houthi rebels but also expressing Egypt’s apprehension. Egypt communicates its economic concerns to Iran, underscoring the broader impact of maritime attacks.

In a distressing revelation, it is confirmed that the hostage Gagi was murdered by Hamas. Gagi, a musician and chef, was held by Hamas until now. His wife Judy, at 70 years old, remains captive—the oldest woman held by Hamas.

The ongoing plight of hostages is further detailed, with individuals like Bamin, aged 53, still held by Hamas in Gaza. Families continue to demand the government’s intervention for the safe return of their loved ones.

A poignant segment focuses on the youth from settlements around Gaza, planning a march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This symbolic walk, echoing a similar 2018 march, serves as both a demand for a normal childhood amid the constant threat of rocket attacks and a call for the release of hostages. The initiative resonates, driven by the memory of Neta Efrin, who initiated a similar march in 2018 but tragically lost his life in the October 7th massacre.

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