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Is This SEO Tool For Bloggers Worth It?

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Looking for a RankIQ Review and wondering if this SEO tool is worth it? Here’s what I think of this SEO tool for bloggers. If you’re a blogger, then you’re probably always looking for ways to get more page views to your blog. If that’s true for you, then I have just the tool for…

Looking for a RankIQ Review and wondering if this SEO tool is worth it? Here’s what I think of this SEO tool for bloggers.

If you’re a blogger, then you’re probably always looking for ways to get more page views to your blog. If that’s true for you, then I have just the tool for you to check out.

When it comes to improving how your blog or website appears in search results (SEO), having the right tool is important. And, I completely understand this. It can be so hard to find an SEO tool meant for blogs that is easy to use.

So many SEO tools are clunky, impossible to understand, and have so many extra features that a blogger won’t ever use.

But, that has all changed!

Recently, I started using a new SEO tool made just for bloggers called RankIQ.

RankIQ is a tool that uses AI to help your blog posts show up on the first page of Google. And, it’s made just for blogs. Its goal is to make it easier for you to make your content better for search engines, so it can rank higher.

Whether you are a new blogger or if you’ve been blogging for years, I think RankIQ can help you to improve new content and old blog posts, as well as help you brainstorm ideas for new keywords to write about.

Please click here to sign up for RankIQ.

Key Takeaways

  • RankIQ is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps new and old content rank on the first page of Google.
  • The tool is specifically tailored for blogs and is easy to use.
  • RankIQ has a keyword research tool that has done the research for you, and their Keyword Library contains the lowest-competition high-traffic keywords in every blogging niche.
  • RankIQ’s Rankings Audit helps you find the blog posts that are starting to lose their position in search results and need some updates.
  • The Content Optimizer from RankIQ helps you make content that Google really likes by showing you what’s missing in your blog posts, so you can improve them in just 30 minutes.
  • With RankIQ’s Content Planner and Goals Dashboard, you can plan your posts easily. It also helps you keep track of your goals for creating new posts and updating existing ones.

RankIQ Review

Below is my RankIQ review.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about making your site better so it shows up more when people search on Google for certain phrases.

For example, when someone searches on Google, they type in words or phrases to find information. SEO is about making sure that when someone searches for something related to your blog, like “side hustles” or “budget travel tips” for example, Google knows that your blog has helpful information on that topic.

This includes making your content better for search engines. By using different strategies, you can make your website appear higher in search results (such as the first link that is shown to you on Google, instead of the last).

This is really important for bloggers and content creators because when your website shows up higher, you get more visitors, which can lead to making more money from your website.

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What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is an AI-powered SEO tool made for bloggers, and it helps bloggers find the perfect balance between keyword research and content optimization.

RankIQ helps bloggers (whether you are brand new or if you’re an experienced blogger) rank their content higher on search engines by giving them low-competition keywords and a bunch of optimization tools.

Some of the key features of RankIQ include:

  • A Keyword Library containing low-competition keywords across many different niches, such as food, personal finance, arts/crafts, Disney, DIY, health, homeschool, travel, health, holidays, gaming, fashion, and weddings. These are low-competition keyword phrases with traffic potential that are curated by Brandon Gaille and his keyword research team.
  • A Content Optimizer that analyzes your existing blog posts, tells you recommendations, and gives a content grade based on its optimization level. The AI-powered SEO report gives suggestions for blog post titles, headings, topics to cover within a blog post, and other on-page elements.

There is even a RankIQ Mastermind Group which is open to paid users of RankIQ (plus you also get direct access to the founder, Brandon Gaille, in this Facebook group).

By using RankIQ, bloggers can save time on keyword research and improve their chances of ranking higher on search engines. The tool works for many different blog niches and can help bloggers no matter their domain authority or experience.

Overall, RankIQ is a very helpful tool for those wanting to improve their SEO and get more page views to their blog.

RankIQ background

Brandon Gaille is the creator of RankIQ, and he realized that there was a need for an SEO tool just for bloggers so he created RankIQ.

He has a lot of experience in the blogging and SEO industry and also runs one of the most popular blogging podcasts on Apple called “The Blogging Millionaire.” In fact, his personal blogs get more than 5,000,000 visitors each month.

How RankIQ Works

RankIQ is an AI-powered SEO toolset that can help your blog posts rank on the first page of Google.

Here are some of the main tools you can use in RankIQ:

1. Keyword research

RankIQ helps you find low-competition, high-traffic keywords for your niche. This allows you to focus on creating content that people are searching for while facing less competition.

So, if you’re ever having a hard time thinking about what to write about or if you are simply wanting to brainstorm new blog post ideas, this can be a great place to start.

You simply head to the Keyword Library and select your niche.

There are many, many niches to choose from. Once you choose your niche, the keywords will then be displayed to you.

When I looked up the niche “Personal Finance: Side Hustles,” nearly 2,000 keywords in this very specific niche were displayed to me.

Here is a screenshot of what I saw:

rankiq keyword library

Then, if there’s a keyword phrase that you’d like to learn more about, you simply can click on “Run Report.” You only get a limited number of these, and it depends on the monthly plan that you pay for – so you will want to be careful choosing the ones that you want reports on.

If you don’t need help brainstorming new keyword ideas, you don’t need to use their keyword research tool. You can simply go to the Reports section and enter the exact keyword that you want to write about.

This SEO Report will then show you the suggested word count, what your competition looks like, the topics you may want to cover in the content, a title analysis, and more.

2. Content optimizer

When you run an SEO Report, you get suggestions on what to include in your blog post, title ideas, how long your blog post should be, and more. By using these guidelines, you can write optimized content in half the time.

What I love about RankIQ is that you can take your blog posts and input them into RankIQ and see exactly what you need to do in order to improve it and turn it into high-quality content.

The tool gives you the suggested word count as well as gives you a grade (from A++ to F) on what you have written. The grades that the tool gives you kind of make it more of a game so that you have something to work toward, which is a feature that I like (for example, if I copy my content over to the tool and it gives me an F, then I am definitely going to work on it like crazy until I get an A!).

The tool also gives you topics to cover in your blog post related to the target keyword that you are writing about, which helps you to create outlines for the blog posts you are writing.

The tool even has a “Title Analysis: Topics Google Likes in Titles” section – so that you can brainstorm what the best possible title is for your new content.

Whether you want to improve old posts or write a brand new blog post, RankIQ’s AI SEO Reports are extremely helpful.

3. Performance tracking

RankIQ also has a feature where you track your content’s performance and make adjustments as you need to, which can help you stay up-to-date with current SEO trends and requirements.

You simply connect your blog’s Google Search Console Account to RankIQ by heading to the Rankings Audit tab on RankIQ.

All of these features put together really help you to write the best blog post so that you have a better chance of ranking high on Google.

Who should use RankIQ?

Personally, I think that if you have a blog, RankIQ is helpful and if you want to improve your SEO game, then I think RankIQ is a must for you.

Here’s why:

  • Bloggers – If you’re looking to increase your organic traffic and grow your blog, RankIQ can help you find the right keywords and optimize your blog posts so that they rank higher.
  • Businesses – For businesses that use blog posts to build awareness and generate leads, RankIQ is SO helpful. By optimizing your content, you can get more readers and customers, show your expertise in content, and convert leads into paying customers. With this tool, more potential customers can find your blog posts after all.

By knowing how RankIQ works and using its features, you can write content that ranks higher on search engines and get more page views. Every blogger wants this!

Impact of using RankIQ on your blog

Here’s how RankIQ can help you.

Improving page views with RankIQ

As a blogger, we all want to see more page views. It’s only normal – page views mean that you can help more people and typically earn more money as well.

And, this is exactly what RankIQ helps you with.

RankIQ can help you increase your blog’s page views by finding high-traffic and low-competition keywords. These keywords are easier to rank for, which can lead to more organic traffic from Google Search results.

According to a 1-year study of 2,363 Mediavine blogs that were using RankIQ – The study found that Mediavine blogs using RankIQ increased their Google SEO traffic 468% more than the blogs who did not use RankIQ.

That is an amazing percentage to see!

RankIQ success stories

Here are some quick summaries of RankIQ testimonials:

  • One blogger was able to improve their traffic by 200% after just one year of using RankIQ.
  • RankIQ has helped countless bloggers figure out what keywords and phrases they were missing from blog posts.
  • RankIQ is extremely affordable and helps bloggers write more blog posts in a shorter amount of time.
  • One blogger has been able to triple their traffic in the last 6 months with RankIQ.

You can read all of the latest RankIQ testimonials here.

By using RankIQ, these bloggers have seen improvements in their traffic, Google rankings, and overall blog success. Implementing RankIQ in your blogging strategy can help you achieve similar results and grow your online presence.

How much does RankIQ cost?

RankIQ has three different monthly subscription plans:

  • $49 Standard Plan, for 16 reports per month
  • $99 Pro Plan, for 36 reports per month
  • $199 Pro Plan, for 80 reports per month

With this pricing, you get unlimited Keyword Library searches on all plans.

The only thing that is different between the plans is the amount of reports you get each month. A report is basically a blog post – the information/guide you get for a keyword so that you can best optimize a blog post for SEO.

Compared to other SEO tools, this is a very good price. You get everything you need as a blogger to improve your page views from SEO.

Please click here to sign up for RankIQ.

How RankIQ compares to other SEO tools

Below is how RankIQ compares to other SEO tools.

Here’s a screenshot of a chart from RankIQ comparing the different SEO tools.

RankIQ vs SEMrush

When it comes to keyword research and content optimization, RankIQ and SEMrush both have helpful tools. However, RankIQ focuses on delivering handpicked, low-competition, high-traffic keywords specific to your niche, whereas SEMrush has more broad keyword research and analysis for different niches. RankIQ also comes with SEO content briefs and is priced much lower at just $49 per month.

RankIQ vs Ahrefs

RankIQ and Ahrefs both are great for keyword research but are slightly different. RankIQ has easy-win keywords targeted for your exact niche, chosen by their SEO team. Ahrefs, on the other hand, has a keyword explorer tool that covers multiple niches, but it might need more research on your part to find which ones are low-competition keywords. RankIQ is much more affordable too, with pricing starting at $49 per month, whereas Ahrefs starts at $99 per month.

RankIQ vs Surfer SEO

RankIQ and Surfer SEO are both great for content optimization, but they have different features. RankIQ focuses on giving you low-competition keywords and ideal word counts to help you rank higher in search results. While both tools are helpful for content optimization, RankIQ is more focused on keyword research and might be a better fit if you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO tool. With RankIQ, you get 16 reports each month for $49, and with Surfer you get 15 reports each month for $89. I have personally tried both of these, and I really like how easy RankIQ is to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About RankIQ

Below are answers to common questions about RankIQ.

How does RankIQ work?

RankIQ gives you a list of low-competition keywords for your niche, and this SEO tool also helps you with keyword research and SEO optimization. By using RankIQ, you can write more blog posts and improve your content as it shows up higher in search results.

This tool also helps you to best optimize your blog posts. You get suggestions on what to include in your blog post, title ideas, how long your blog post should be, and more. By following these guidelines, you can write SEO content much more quickly.

Is there a free trial for RankIQ?

There is no free trial for RankIQ, but I do believe that it is a great value for what you get already. Their lowest plan at $49 a month is a valuable plan to get started with (I am on their Standard Plan too).

Are there any RankIQ lifetime deals?

There are no lifetime deals for RankIQ. The cost of RankIQ starts at $49 per month.

What are the differences between Ubersuggest and RankIQ?

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that is mainly focused on keyword ideas, whereas RankIQ is for bloggers to find low-competition keywords and to better optimize their content (both old and new blog posts).

What is the difference between Keysearch and RankIQ?

Keysearch is a keyword research tool that has features such as keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. On the other hand, RankIQ is tailored for bloggers and has a library of low-competition keywords for improved SEO optimization and content creation.

Who is the owner of RankIQ?

RankIQ was created by blogger Brandon Gaille, who has experience in growing successful blogs and websites through SEO strategies and keyword research. He is also the host of “The Blogging Millionaire” podcast.

Is RankIQ worth the cost? Is RankIQ worth it?

I definitely think that RankIQ is worth the cost. It is a great tool to use to optimize your blog posts and get them to rank on Google. If you are looking to get more page views, this is a very helpful SEO tool specifically made for bloggers like you and me.

RankIQ Review – Summary

I hope you enjoyed this RankIQ review.

I think that RankIQ is a great tool for bloggers looking to get more page views through SEO. It’s easy to use and packed with helpful features.

With detailed keyword analysis and competitor insights, RankIQ gives you exactly what you need in order to succeed in blogging.

Please click here to sign up for RankIQ.

What is your favorite SEO tool for bloggers? Have you tried RankIQ?

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