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Israel-Hamas war: Israeli Govt. on hostage operations

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In the grim reality emerging from the depths of Hamas Terror dungeons, shocking revelations unfold, painting a harrowing picture of at least 20 hostages enduring captivity. Survivor Almog Goldstein, recounting the ordeal, shares firsthand accounts of three women subjected to heinous assaults by their Hamas captors within those forbidding walls. The urgency is paramount; there’s no luxury of time to waste. Hamas must immediately and unconditionally release these hostages. Until that happens, our relentless campaign persists, targeting the very core of its Terror machinery to compel compliance.

Diplomatically, we appreciate the unwavering support from the Biden administration, vocalizing its commitment during the White House Hanukkah lighting ceremony. President Biden reaffirms an unshakable dedication to the safety of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, echoing sentiments crucial to our cause. Concurrently, the United Nations General Assembly convenes, set to vote on a resolution seemingly endorsing the perpetuation of the Hamas Terror regime’s power, shielding it from the repercussions of October 7.

In a peculiar alignment, this unfolds as the UN commemorates the International Day of Neutrality. However, maintaining neutrality post-October 7th’s atrocities implies complicity in Hamas’ acts of brutality—rape, burning, beheading, mutilation, and abduction. Our commitment to self-defense remains steadfast against these October 7 monsters, surpassing those who advocate Hamas impunity.

Our war’s conclusion hinges on diplomats unequivocally condemning Hamas, akin to how they’d safeguard children in Car Aza, Barry, and Nero’s. For this to transpire, the eradication of Hamas is imperative. We refuse to allow Israeli territory to be a mere buffer zone, denying children the safety of peaceful sleep. Hamas can no longer be our neighbor; the strategic imperative is clear.

Operationally, Israeli Ground Forces persist in battling Hamas terrorists camouflaged among civilians, operating from civilian structures. An egregious violation is uncovered—an RPG training facility nestled within a mosque in Jabalia. These discoveries raise serious questions about UNRWA’s involvement. The Northern Brigade reveals hidden weapons caches, unmasking the grim reality of October 7th-related materials within homes.

The IDF and Shin Bet’s joint efforts have led to the apprehension of 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in the past month, including 140 post-Hamas hostilities resumption on December 1. As IDF Chief-of-Staff Hosea Levi emphasizes, the situation is dynamic, necessitating bold assessments and continuous efforts to thwart Hamas’ human shield strategy.

In a humanitarian gesture, Israel opens the Kerem Shalom Crossing for the inspection of humanitarian aid trucks bound for Gaza. Nitsana Crossing boasts excess capacity to inspect aid trucks, doubling the provision of aid to Gaza. While Israel monitors the humanitarian situation meticulously, the bottleneck lies with Egypt’s crossing, exacerbated by Israel’s swift aid inspections outpacing UN agencies’ delivery capabilities.

Unsettling images emerge of Hamas hijacking aid trucks within Gaza, underscoring the urgency for international condemnation. Civilians suffer as Hamas diverts aid for its fighters, revealing a callous disregard for those it claims to protect.

Addressing questions from international journalists, the Israeli spokesperson clarifies that aid inspection capacity is not the bottleneck; the challenge lies in delivering aid at the pace Israel inspects it. The call for international insistence on condemning and exposing Hamas’ aid theft echoes resoundingly.

As questions arise about Israeli cooperation with Cyprus in aid deliveries to Gaza, the spokesperson dismisses any hindrance in aid inspection. Excess capacity at Nitsana and Kerem Shalom remains, awaiting the ability of on-ground agencies to match Israel’s inspection pace.

In response to inquiries about the Houthi threat, Israel underscores the Iranian proxy’s explicit call for death and destruction. The spokesperson emphasizes the global threat posed by Iranian aggression, demanding firm condemnations and actions against attempts to disrupt maritime trade.

Regarding Harvard University’s decision not to dismiss an individual who supports the October 7 massacre, Israel stresses zero tolerance for calls promoting intifada or the destruction of the state. The spokesperson asserts that any call for genocide is unacceptable, emphasizing the importance of maintaining clarity and adherence to principles.

In addressing the ongoing war in Gaza, Israel reiterates its commitment to the destruction of Hamas. Special forces are actively engaged in rescuing hostages, while relentless military pressure aims to secure their release. As the spokesperson concludes, the war’s continuation depends on Hamas’ response and the international community’s condemnation of its actions.

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