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Israel-Hamas War: Israeli PM rebuffs international calls to end offensive in Gaza

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In defiance of international pleas to cease the Gaza offensive, Israel remains resolute, sparking global apprehension about the United States potentially revising its military backing for Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauds Washington’s Security Council veto against a UN resolution urging a Gaza ceasefire. He expresses gratitude to US President Joe Biden for yet another ammunition shipment to the Israeli Army. Despite the veto, the US faces widespread censure, with the Turkish president condemning the United Nations Security Council as an “Israel protection council.”

Worldwide protests erupt, with 200 demonstrators in the US urging an immediate halt to financial aid to Israel. The call echoes for an end to Israeli aggression and a cessation of all US complicity, be it financial, political, or military, in Israel’s genocidal actions. While global outrage mounts, the US government invokes emergency authority, allowing the sale of 14,000 tank shells to Israel without congressional review, worth over $16 million. This transaction is part of a $500 million package awaiting Congress approval, encompassing 45,000 shells for Israel’s Maka tongues.

A recent study by an Israeli newspaper reveals the indiscriminate nature of Israel’s aerial bombing in Gaza. Civilian casualties during the current operation have risen to 61%, surpassing the average for conflicts worldwide in the 20th century. With mounting international pressure due to escalating civilian deaths, the US faces scrutiny. Helit Barel, former director at Israel’s National Security Council, contends that the US made the right move by vetoing the UN resolution, emphasizing Hamas’s need to release hostages and lay down arms for a ceasefire.

In response to accusations of double standards, Barel asserts that Israel actively minimizes harm to civilians, debunking claims of inconsistency. The US’s role in the conflict comes under question as President Biden pushes Congress to approve the sale of tank shells without a comprehensive review. Barel dismisses concerns, attributing delays to unrelated congressional issues, asserting that Israel fights the war with its own resources and military capacity.

In this complex geopolitical landscape, opinions diverge on the ethics of the conflict. The US’s stance and actions continue to provoke debates, leaving the international community grappling with the intricate dynamics of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

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