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Railbreak’s Ballistic Bloodshed Wreaks Arcade Havoc Today on Xbox Series X|S

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Good day, Survivors! I’m Evan Wolbach, co-founder of Dead Drop Studios. We’re elated to tell you all about Railbreak, our aggressively fun on-rails arcade shooter, launching today on Xbox Series X|S!  Since we last shared details with you, our first Unreal Engine 5 game has expanded in every way!

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A “Scream” You’ll Return to Again and Again

We understand that replayability is critical in an arcade game, which is why we’re stoked to share how Railbreak is set to deliver non-stop entertainment! We asked ourselves how we could create a new and compelling experience for both veterans and newcomers to arcade on-rails shooters, and our answer is the unpredictable ‘Glitch’ gameplay modifier system. While playing through any of the six acts awaiting you in Railbreak’s fully-voiced, campy story, you’ll encounter strange ‘Glitches’ that turn the game on its head.  Your shotgun might start firing icy blasts, zombies may no longer be susceptible to dismemberment, and…throwing a grenade may initiate a risky roulette?! The new Glitch Gauntlet mode freshens up every round of Railbreak with randomized enemies and constant randomized ‘Glitches’ to contend with. It may be the first rogue-like mode ever featured in an on-rails shooter.

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Zany, Over-the-Top Firearms Give you the Edge in Battle

It’s important that the armaments in any shooting game feel lively and satisfying to use, so we’ve upgraded Railbreak’s guns with spicy elemental attributes. Send zombies flying with explosive rounds, put out fire and freeze enemies in their tracks with icy blasts, build up an electrical force to make your foes pop, and more. In Story mode, you can switch between different weapons scattered in each act, but in other modes like Score Attack, you play as one of eight diverse unlockable characters, each with their own distinctive loadouts, making each round feel novel.

Diverse Special Infected Creatures Will Keep you on your Toes

Of course, it would be boring to defeat the same few types of enemies over and over. With Railbreak, we’ve taken care to include a wide variety of different zombies. The highlights of these are our special infected abominations. These beasts each have unique attacks and attributes that force you to be swift with the trigger button. The gargantuan Slab towers over you and deals out massive damage, the demonic Fetch strives to burn you to a crisp with its mighty laser attack, and Gluttons will even puke smelly acid onto you if you let them get too close. There are a total of six different types of these enemies, and faster and more aggressive ‘Glitched’ variants serve as brutal boss encounters. Think you’ve mastered the art of slaughter? Try out the new Boss Rush mode, and see if you can survive a parade of Railbreak’s biggest nasties in Cypress Ridge’s filthy sewers.

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Slay the Way You Want to with a Multitude of Options, Difficulties, and Modes

We’ve designed Railbreak to be a blast no matter how you play! Jump into action alone or with a friend with optional co-op support. Learn the ropes on the accessible Assisted difficulty, or lunge head-first into a wicked challenge on Off the Rails difficulty. Break the fourth wall with an entertaining arcade Story, or fit in some quick action with the never-ending Onslaught mode or our special Shoutout Shootout mode.  Other helpful features include local score tracking, a beefy settings menu, and an in-depth How to Play manual. Can you survive a long and bloody night and live to fight another day?  Take up the challenge in Railbreak, launching today for Xbox Series X|S. Leave a deliciously bloody mess in your wake or die trying!

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It’s Saturday night in Cypress Ridge which means the city is in ruins, hordes of flesh eating undead are on the prowl, and you have the arcade all to yourself! Grab your controller, select your survivor, and blast your way to safety as the city burns around you in this on-rails survival horror shooter. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a friend for zombie fodder, er, we mean multiplayer experience!

Railbreak melds a classic on-rails arcade experience with the cutting edge Unreal Engine 5. In this prelude to Outbreak: Shades of Horror, you’ll get an opportunity to see the sights and sounds of Cypress Ridge and get chomped on by a zombie or four! Face the city alone, or bring a friend along with optional 2-player co-op supported across the entire game

Featuring a wide cast of survivors each with their own loadouts and traits, you’ll find plenty of replayability in this absurd take of a survival horror game in a survival horror game. A full story mode experience awaits across six scenarios. Bonus modes include Score Attack, and the endless Onslaught Mode that keeps ratcheting up the difficulty until the undead finally seal your fate.

Crack open your piggy bank, snag a fizzy soda, and take a trip back to the 1990’s arcade.

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