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srael-Hamas war: US skips congressional review for sale of tank shells to Israel

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In a strategic move reflecting unwavering support, the United States government sidestepped congressional scrutiny, utilizing emergency authority to facilitate the sale of approximately 14,000 tank shells to Israel. This decision underscores Washington’s steadfast backing of Israel amid its ongoing offensive in Gaza. The US State Department invoked an Arms Export Control Act emergency declaration on Friday, justifying the immediate delivery of tank rounds valued at $106.5 million, as confirmed by the Pentagon.

However, the Biden administration is actively advocating for an even larger sale, seeking Congress’s approval for a comprehensive package exceeding $500 million. This extensive proposal encompasses a staggering 455,000 shells designed for Israel’s Mar tongues, routinely deployed in the offensive operations in Gaza that have claimed numerous lives. The timing of this maneuver coincides with the Biden Administration’s struggles to secure foreign funding packages in the divisive US Congress, where Republicans control the House of Representatives, and Democrats hold the Senate.

Earlier in the week, Senate Republicans thwarted an attempt to allocate additional funds for Ukraine’s conflict against Russia. Notably, the bill included provisions for funding Israel and Taiwan. The State Department defends its bypass of the congressional review, citing an existing emergency necessitating the immediate sale. This action occurred just one day before the US exercised its veto power against a United Nations Security Council resolution advocating an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

While the military aid to Israel persists, the Biden Administration faces mounting pressure to compel Israel to safeguard civilians in Gaza. Simultaneously, Washington acknowledges a disparity between Israel’s assurances to protect civilians and the actual outcomes. The US recognizes the exceptional challenges posed by Israel contending with a terrorist adversary deliberately embedding itself among civilians. Nevertheless, the expectation remains that Israel should exhaust all efforts to prioritize civilian protection and enhance humanitarian assistance.

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