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Where is the Bibas Family?

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This is the 55th day of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Reporting from Israel, I'm Y. Pinto. The hostilities persist on multiple fronts, with Israel engaging Kissala on the northern border with Lebanon, countering Iranian proxies in Syria and various Middle Eastern regions, addressing threats from Yemen, and confronting Palestinian terror elements in the West Bank, specifically in the areas of Judea and Samaria.

Simultaneously, the Gaza Strip remains a focal point of intense activity. Recently, Hamas released an additional 10 Israeli hostages, reuniting them with their families. The names of these individuals are Gali Tensi (13), Amit Shani (16), Air Angel (17), Liam Orr (18), ITV (18), Rya Otm (54), Raz Ben Ami (57), Yarden Roman Gat (36), Lat Aili (49), and Moran Satla Yanai (40). In addition to these Israeli hostages, four Thai workers kidnapped on October 7th were also released, along with two Russian civilians.

Hamas seems to exploit the prisoner exchange for propaganda, attempting to convey strength and control. However, Israel's prioritization of its citizens over destructive endeavors demonstrates resilience and unity. Despite Hamas's manipulation, Israel remains humane, compassionate, and united.

Hamas alleges three Israelis were killed, attributing their deaths to Israeli bombardments on Gaza. The IDF spokesperson's unit disputes this claim, asserting that Hamas is responsible for the Israeli hostages kidnapped on October 7th. The situation is complicated, and the truth about the hostages' condition and location remains uncertain.

Israel expresses outrage over International humanitarian organizations' silence regarding sexual assaults on Israeli women by Hamas terrorists on October 7th. In the past 24 hours, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned these acts of terror, emphasizing their unacceptable nature and the need for investigation.

A notable release in the last 24 hours is Ron H, who refused to comply with Hamas's staged display of hostages smiling and waving. This act of defiance underscores the bravery needed when facing falsehoods and discrimination. Join us in prayer for IDF soldiers risking their lives and for the peace of Jerusalem. Support for Israel, despite not being universally popular, is a commitment to truth. Help us share the reality of the situation in Israel.

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