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A “Year of Opportunity” to Come for Multifamily

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Right now, many multifamily operators are scared. They’ve got debt due, higher vacancy rates than ever, and banks that could be coming for them at any second. And although a “soft landing” in the economy could help keep most multifamily operators from being foreclosed on—not everyone is safe. If you’re looking to invest in multifamily this year, there could be some big buying opportunities.

To walk us through the state of the multifamily and commercial real estate market is CBRE’s Richard Barkham. Richard leads a team of six hundred research experts, all digging into the most up-to-date real estate data around. Today, Richard touches on the commercial real estate space, why prices AREN’T crashing, the sectors that will continue to struggle in 2024, and why the industry as a whole has remained so resilient, especially when no one expected it to be.

We’ll also get into cap rate forecasts and how high they could get so prices finally come back down to earth. But that’s not all; Richard gives a rare take on why so many struggling multifamily investments DIDN’T get foreclosed on, whether or not the oversupply of multifamily could make trouble for residential buyers, and what will happen when the “wave” of multifamily construction hits.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • A 2024 commercial real estate update and whether or not a price crash is still on the table
  • Rising vacancy rates and the commercial sectors that could get hit the hardest 
  • Cap rate expansion and whether or not we’ll see price cuts this year
  • Why Richard sees 2024 as a “year of opportunity” for multifamily investors
  • States with the most multifamily construction that could see price cuts spill over into residential
  • “Distressed” multifamily investors and why we WON’T see a wave of foreclosures 
  • And So Much More!

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