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Alex Rodriguez Reveals He Lost Weight After Having Gum Disease – Hollywood Life

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Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez, 48, revealed he lost a whopping 32 pounds after finding out he was in the early stages of gum disease. The former professional baseball player revealed the details of his lifestyle changes and why he chose to go forward with healthier choices, in a new interview.

“That first step is always the hardest. For my overall health, that was starting with a focus on a very specific part of my day: from when I wake up in the morning until noon,” he told Men’s Health. “I put that time, specifically, to my health and wellness – particularly my training and stretching. I do pilates, some yoga, along with steam, sauna, meditating. Then I get to the office at noon, and I’m there until 6, and then I come home and have dinner with my family. That routine has been one that is fairly new, and, so far, one that’s working quite well.”

Alex also revealed that he changed his exercise routine and it helped him very much. “I saw that I was stretching myself out pretty thin. As a result, my health suffered, and over the last year, as I’ve taken control back, I’ve lost 32 pounds as a result,” he shared. “That wasn’t really the intention, but it was just the result of better habits: cutting back on meat; night walks; and consistent cardiovascular and weight training. I feel much better. I feel healthier, I feel younger, and I’m excited to attack each day.”

“Ever since making those changes, I’ve felt energized,” he continued. “I feel more clear in my thoughts. I’m moving around better. One benefit is that my clothes fit better – that part has been exciting. At the beginning of my recent health journey, everything was hard; I felt like I wasn’t in a good place with my health. I felt sluggish, and a bit lethargic. Focusing in on that very first step – taking control of my mornings – will always be the hardest. But three months in, I started to see some results, and that was encouraging. After that, I just continued, with my head down, to be consistent with my health, my diet, and my training.”

Alex’s admissions about his weight loss come after he welcomed in 2024 with his daughters Natasha, 19, and Ella, 15, as well as his girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro. He shared cute photos from the memorable moment, which can be seen above, and an encouraging caption. “Happy New Year!! Wishing everyone health and happiness going into 2024 🎉,” it read.

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