Home Blog God’s ‘faithfulness will be your shield’ (Ps 91:4) – Day 92 war update by IDF Sgt. Malespin in Gaza

God’s ‘faithfulness will be your shield’ (Ps 91:4) – Day 92 war update by IDF Sgt. Malespin in Gaza

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In Psalms 91:4, divine protection is symbolized as being covered by celestial feathers, finding trust under the wings, where truth becomes both shield and buckler. As we delve into the timeless tale of David facing Goliath from Samuel’s chapter 17, a pertinent reflection on the enduring issue of anti-Semitism emerges. David, armed not with conventional weaponry but with the name of the Lord of hosts, confronts the Philistine giant.

Anti-Semitism, a pervasive spirit throughout history, finds manifestations in various forms — from notorious terrorist entities like Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, ISL, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, to anti-Israel, anti-freedom, and anti-democracy sentiments. Delving into ancient texts, notably The Book of Enoch, reveals echoes of this malevolent spirit. Fallen Angels, rebelling against God, conspire to annihilate Jerusalem, symbolizing the ongoing struggle against anti-Semitism.

In the contemporary context, the nefarious terrorist group Hisbah entangles Lebanon in conflict, escalating tensions along the Israeli-Lebanese border. IDF’s relentless efforts, including uncovering booby-trapped tunnels and dismantling weapon stockpiles, attest to an unwavering determination to secure national goals.

Prime Ministerial resolve echoes, undeterred by external skepticism, affirming a commitment to persevere until all objectives are met. Meanwhile, Hamas disrupts convoys delivering vital supplies to Gaza, exemplifying the complexity of regional conflicts.

Proverbs 29:25 reminds us that fearing man can lead to snares, while trusting in the Lord ensures safety. Israel remains resolute, facing Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hisbah, and ISIS without fear, entrusting their fate to a higher power.

Current military maneuvers, exemplified by Yalom forces and the 99th division, aim to eradicate remaining infrastructures in both northern and southern Gaza. Amidst these actions, Iran vows revenge against Israel for bombings at the grave of Sulani, raising geopolitical tensions.

Despite acknowledgment from ISIS regarding the bombings, deep-seated animosity persists, highlighting the complexities surrounding Israel. Genesis 12:3 resonates — blessings for those who bless Israel, and dire consequences for those who curse. Israel stands strong, unwavering in the face of adversity.

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