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Israeli Security Cabinet Debates ‘Day-After’ Gaza Plan as Blinken Returns to Israel

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In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the militant group employs unconventional tactics, such as involving children in hostilities and repurposing hospitals as command centers. Recent disclosures shed light on Israel’s post-war governance proposal for Gaza. Reporting from Jerusalem, Julie Stall shares updates as the Israeli Defense Minister, Yav Galant, publicly outlines a comprehensive four-part strategy.

Galant’s blueprint encompasses sustained Israeli military control over overall security, a multinational task force led by the US and supported by European and moderate Arab nations for overseeing civil affairs and economic rehabilitation in Gaza. Egypt assumes responsibility for major civilian border crossings, while existing Palestinian administrative mechanisms persist. Notably, the plan excludes the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, criticized by Israel for alleged collaboration with Hamas. It also rejects the return of Israeli communities to Gaza, a contentious point for some right-wing members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

As the conflict persists in Gaza, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken embarks on his fourth visit to Israel in three months. His focus remains on preventing the Israel-Hamas conflict from escalating regionally. Netanyahu’s meeting with US Senator Lindsey Graham underscores the commitment to stabilizing Israel amid the aftermath of the Hamas massacre on October 7th.

Graham’s visit to Kar Aza, severely affected by the attack, emphasizes its connection to thwarting efforts to reconcile Saudi Arabia and Israel, echoing concerns about disrupting the Abram Accords. Amidst calls for stability, Israel remains resolute in countering Hamas. The IDF’s recent raid on a Hamas base revealed an intricate underground network, complete with trap doors, explosive materials, and machinery for manufacturing long-range rockets.

International intelligence agencies, led by the US, support Israel’s findings on Hamas’s terror infrastructure under Shifa Hospital. The use of hospitals for terrorist activities, including tunnel construction and rocket manufacturing, prompts Israel to label these actions as war crimes. Additionally, evidence emerges that Hamas indoctrinates children to harbor hatred toward Israel and Jews, a claim long asserted by advocacy groups. In the current conflict, children are reportedly used to deliver messages and ammunition to terrorists.

Julie Stall from CBN News stresses the urgency for the international community to acknowledge these war crimes. Utilizing hospitals as military bases and educating children in warfare tactics violate international law and humanity. The spotlight is on UNRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), responsible for funding schools and education perpetuating hostility. Calls intensify for UNRA’s cessation, condemning its role in sustaining warfare and terror against Israel.

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