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Persuasion Secrets and Predatory Practices Businesses Use on YOU

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By the time you finish this episode, you’ll be ten thousand dollars richer. Just read this testimonial from a recent BiggerPockets Money listener, “I’m so rich now, I have no idea what to spend all my money on. And all it took was listening to this episode.” But act fast because, in five minutes, this episode WON’T be available anymore.

None of the above is true. But you probably caught on to a few of the psychological tricks many marketers use to push you into purchasing, even when you’re not ready to. And with so much mentoring, online course-selling, guru-ing, and get-rich-quick promising, it’s hard NOT to fall into these traps. How do you know who actually wants to help you and who’s just waiting to grab onto your wallet?

Tarzan Kay has spent years using persuasion-first business tactics to prompt potential customers into purchasing, building a seven-figure income stream in the process. It wasn’t until she realized that these tactics did more harm than help that she decided to burn down the business she had built. Now, she’s sharing all the persuasion secrets marketers are using on YOU and teaching you how to build a business the better way.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • The “principles of persuasion” businesses use to trick you into buying
  • Common predatory practices online gurus and mentors commonly use
  • HUGE red flags to watch out for before you buy ANY online course
  • How to ensure your business NEVER tricks potential customers into buying 
  • Vetting your own clients and customers BEFORE they have the chance to pay you
  • And So Much More!

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