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Rent Price Updates and Why Landlords Are Optimistic

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The rental market could finally be returning to stability after a wild past four years. Since 2020, we’ve seen rent prices skyrocket almost overnight, with huge asking price increases for single-family homes, multifamily apartments, and everything in between. But that trend quickly reversed as the fight against inflation began, mortgage rates rose, and would-be homebuyers sat still, not knowing whether to stay renting or search for a home. But, a return to “equilibrium” may be coming soon, and that’s good news for landlords and renters alike. To break it all down, Zumper’s Anthemos Georgiades joins the show to share his team’s latest rent data.

Anthemos brings some surprisingly good news for landlords, from new month-over-month rent growth data to consumer preferences shifting to a more renter-focused lifestyle; now may be the moment landlords have been waiting for as renter demand looks promising and rates stay high. We’ll also discuss the inflation lag effect our rental market has caused and how to stay on top of current rent prices.

Has the dream of homeownership died? And if so, how do YOU attract the long-term renters who want to make a home out of your house (while paying YOU rent!)? Stick around for this rental market update every landlord needs to know about.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Rent growth updates and why rents for some units are starting to climb
  • Single-family vs. multifamily demand and which asset is seeing the most strength
  • Why Anthemos is predicting a return to “equilibrium” for landlords this summer
  • The massive effect rent has on inflation and how housing shifts the economy
  • Is the “American Dream” dead? Why young Americans are ditching homeownership
  • Where to find free, up-to-date rent price data so YOU can make the most from your rental
  • And So Much More!

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