Home News Ukraine-Russia war latest: US warns North Korea against sending troops to Ukraine – as NATO appoints new chief | World News

Ukraine-Russia war latest: US warns North Korea against sending troops to Ukraine – as NATO appoints new chief | World News

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David Cameron discusses Trump and Ukraine in hoax call footage released by Russian pranksters

Russian pranksters have released footage of David Cameron being tricked into thinking he was speaking to a former Ukrainian president.

The Foreign Office (FCDO) announced at the start of June that a “number of text messages were exchanged followed by a brief video call” between Lord Cameron and someone who claimed to be Petro Poroshenko.

In the casual video call published by website Guido Fawkes, Lord Cameron discusses Labour, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine with someone purporting to be Petro Poroshenko.

Mr Poroshenko was Ukrainian president between 2014 and 2019, and has remained a prominent figure in the country since leaving office.

Earlier this month, the UK Government made the hoax call public knowledge to stave off any attempts to manipulate video footage of the former prime minister from the communications.

Asked by the imposter if he believes anything will change after the general election, Lord Cameron says Labour has been “as enthusiastic” in their support for Ukraine as the Conservatives.

He said: “I don’t think you’ll see change. Obviously if they win it will be a new government, there will be some getting up to speed on some issues, but I think fundamentally they’ve supported everything we’ve done.

“I think the Labour Party, if they win, will continue that approach.”

Asked about his engagement with former US president and current presidential candidate Mr Trump, Lord Cameron says the Republican would want to “back the winning side” in Ukraine but his attitude is “hard to predict”.

He says: “I had dinner with (Trump) and my aim was to convince him not to block money for Ukraine, because obviously the speaker, Mike Johnson, wanted two things: he wanted to vote the money for Ukraine but he also wanted to keep his job, and I thought it was important to try to make sure that Trump backed him sufficiently to do that, which is what happened in the end.”

He adds: “I think ultimately (Trump) will calculate at the time what’s right for him.

“I think the key thing is if we can make sure that Ukraine is on the front foot and Putin is on the back foot by November, then he will want to support the winning side, as it were, and that’s what we’ve got to ensure.

“It’s hard to predict exactly what his attitude will be but that’s the most important thing.”

Elsewhere in the video, the imposter can be heard saying that not sending Ukraine an invitation to Nato is a “bad signal”.

In response, Lord Cameron says: “There’s not going to be an invitation because America won’t support one.

“So what I’ve said to the president, (Volodymyr) Zelenskyy, is: let’s try and get the best language we can about Nato support for Ukraine. But don’t, let’s not, we mustn’t have an argument between Nato and Ukraine before the summit.”

Later in the video, Lord Cameron discloses a conversation he had with Kazakhstan’s foreign secretary Murat Nurtleu during a visit to the country earlier this year.

Lord Cameron says: “Kazakhstan are convinced that Putin wants a slice of the north of Kazakhstan.

“(Nurtleu) said Ukrainians are dying for Kazakhstan, they are putting their lives at risk to hold back Russia and that benefits us.”

At the end of the call, the imposter says: “Thank you, my friend. It was nice to see you again, and I remember our first meeting with Lord Hague and Bernard and Lily Vie.”

The FCDO said it had released details of the exchange publicly over dears it could be “manipulated”.

The call was carried out by Russian
pranksters who use the aliases “Vovan and Lexus” and appears to have lasted around 15 minutes.

The duo are well-known in Russia and have claimed to have duped a string of politicians and celebrities in the past including Sir Elton John, US statesman John McCain, Prince Harry and JK Rowling.

The Foreign Office said today that the call looked like a Russian information operation designed to distract attention from Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

A spokesperson for Britain’s Foreign Office said in a statement: “We made public the fact that this call happened weeks ago, to do the right thing and make sure others were warned of the risk at the earliest opportunity. 

“The Foreign Secretary understood this was a private call with a Ukrainian politician.

“This is clearly Russian, and is standard practice for information operations. Disinformation is a tactic straight from the Kremlin playbook to try to distract from their illegal activities in Ukraine and the human rights abuses being committed there.”

It did not answer a question about the video’s authenticity, which Sky News has not independently verified.

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