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Bears Rumble Kicks Off Token Presale blending play to earn game and Blockchain Technology

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Bears Rumble Sarl is a Swiss game development company dedicated to art and innovation in the web 3 industry. Our games are shaped by a unique vision and meticulous attention to details. Each title we produce is the result of a rigorous creative process, combining fluid gameplay and immersive storytelling. Our team is made up of diverse talents, from game designers and visual artists to programmers and 3D modelers. We believe in the power of games to inspire, entertain and connect people.

💎Bears Rumble is an exciting P2E game in which we will have to play as a bear and with the help of alien technology to overcome the game obstacles by completing quests. The project has CERTIK certification.


Roar into Adventure: Join a Wild Bear and His Bumbling Crew on a Hilarious Journey!

You take the reins of a fearless bear and their zany team of bumbling minions. Embark on an epic quest to gather scattered extraterrestrial technology fragments, all while navigating treacherous challenges and forming unlikely alliances.

Unleash your inner curiosity as you harness alien tech to create unique tools, solving mind-bending puzzles and conquering daring platforming obstacles along the way. Prepare for laughs, thrills, and a wild ride like no other in this uproarious adventure where chaos meets curiosity!

Designed as a play-to-earn, our game uses blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are valuable in game assets.

Players compete in captivating tournaments to claim victory and win exclusive rewards.Each victory brings you closer to success which can be used to enhance your player strength, by customizing your avatar which will have a value that can be exchanged with other players on the market.

⭐️Later game assets will turn into NFTs, which we will be able to exchange and sell, with 20% of our tokens to drop our players.

Light lore

Forest Villages: The forest village serves as the central hub of the game. It’s where the player, embodying a bear, resides.It’s a peaceful and harmonious community where various creatures coexist.The village is nestled deep within an ancient and enchanted forest, lush with towering trees, sparkling streams and diverse flora and fauna.The inhabitants of the forest include not only bears but also other woodland creatures such as squirrels, rabbits, deer and birds each with their own unique abilities.

Alien Technology: The scattered alien technology pieces possess advanced capabilities and powers beyond the comprehension of the forest inhabitants.These pieces serve as key elements in the puzzles and challenges the player must overcome throughout the game.As the player progresses, they must collect and use these alien technologies to navigate obstacles, unlock new areas and ultimately uncover the truth behind the alien crash.

Alien Crash: A high-tech alien spaceship crashes into the heart of the forest, shattering into thousands ofpieces upon impact.The crash scatters alien technology and unknown living matter throughout the forest, disrupting its natural balance and causing chaos among the inhabitants.The living matter infects and alters various creatures (including inhabitants), mutating them into strange and hostile forms.

Deep lore

Ancient Alliance: Millennia ago, during a time of great upheaval in the cosmos, representatives from the bear world and the alien civilization forged an unlikely alliance.To preserve their unity, Aliens and bears devised Furbly, ensuring they could navigate back to the Alliance even in the darkest of times..Recognizing their shared values of harmony and stewardship of nature, the bears and the aliens pledged to aid each other in times of need and to preserve the balance of the cosmos.

Cosmic Interference: The crash of the alien spaceship was not a mere accident but a result of cosmic interference, caused by a powerful cosmic event that rippled across the universe.Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the world, their planet and the alien civilization were linked by ancient cosmic ley lines, channels of mystical energy that connect distant realms across space and time.

Alien Matter: The crashed spaceship contained an unknown living matter that is perceived as a destructive force, capable of causing devastation on a planetary scale.This slime entity is a malevolent presence that threatens to consume and corrupt everything it touches.The living matter is a mysterious substance, unlike anything known to the inhabitants of the world.Its arrival in the forest and more generally in the world sparks fear and chaos among the inhabitants, as they struggle to understand and contain the threat.

⭐️The project has not been released yet, the presale is planned in 3.5 months, so now you can join us on our social networks to become early users and participate in our activities.

Subscribe to Telegram , Discord  and keep an eye on our Official website .

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