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IDF Troops in ‘Heart’ of Gaza City Uncovering Hamas’ Massive Terror Infrastructure

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  • IDF Operations in Gaza City: Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are engaged in a military campaign in the heart of Gaza City, targeting Hamas’ extensive terror infrastructure.

  • Extent of Terror Infrastructure: According to Israeli officials, Gaza City is described as the largest terrorist base ever built, with kilometers of underground tunnels connecting hospitals, schools, and various other locations. These tunnels serve as bases for launching attacks on Israel.

  • IDF Success and Tactics: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers the military campaign a “phenomenal success,” with numerous Hamas bases, tunnels, and command centers destroyed. The IDF claims to have found and destroyed tunnels near civilian areas, including an amusement park and a university.

  • Ceasefire and Hostages: Netanyahu insists there will be no ceasefire without the return of hostages held by Hamas. However, reports suggest that President Joe Biden has requested a three-day pause for the release of more hostages, though Netanyahu is wary of trusting Hamas.

  • International Response and Support for Israel: There are concerns about rising anti-Semitism and public support for Hamas. Jewish groups plan a March for Israel in Washington DC on November 14th. The U.S. House passed a $14 billion aid package, but the Senate has blocked it. Israel seeks international support against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions.

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