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Israel-Hamas War Tensions Escalate on Israel-Lebanon Border as Gaza Reels From Deadly Strikes

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Growing attacks have forced thousands from their homes on both sides of the border between Lebanon and Israel, while Israeli forces continue to pummel the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis.

  • In southern Lebanon, many residents have already fled.

  • Frustration grows for tens of thousands of Israelis relocated from the Lebanese border.

  • Israel carries out multiple raids in the West Bank, making more arrests.

  • A strike on a home kills more than a dozen people, Palestinian news media say.

  • At the funeral for a Hamas leader assassinated in Beirut, many vow revenge.

  • A dozen countries warn of consequences for Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

The killing of a Hamas leader in Beirut, the Lebanese capital, is raising fears of a wider conflagration at the country’s border with Israel, but many of the villages that dot Lebanon’s south have already been emptied out.

Those who remain are deliberating their next steps, some with trepidation, some with defiance and some with a sense of resignation.

Tens of thousands of Israeli residents who were relocated from communities along the northern border with Lebanon are becoming increasingly agitated by the cross-border strikes between Israel and Lebanese militants, which have kept them from their homes for almost three months.

Despite a long history of armed conflict with its neighbors, Israel has never before relocated such large numbers of people in wartime. The decision to move them was precipitated by escalating attacks from the armed Lebanese group Hezbollah, and worries that the group could attempt an incursion similar to that which its ally, Hamas, carried out from Gaza on Oct. 7.

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